Have You Heard? No. 4

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Have You Heard 4 Have You Heard?

Most survivors (87%) will never tell a professional about the abuse.

Are You In?

If our friends tell us about their experiences of sexual assault we can help them tremendously by listening and believing them.  Friends and family of survivors are welcome to call SACHA’s 24 Hour Support Line for support and ideas – 905.525.4573.

Some other ideas about how to help a friend:

  • Believe them
  • Empower them
  • Be non-judgemental
  • Empathize not sympathize
  • Help her see herself as the expert
  • Honour coping strategies
  • Don’t minimize or blame
  • Normalize
  • Reframe self-blame
  • Listen, validate, offer options, applause
  • Refer to other resources

SACHA is offering workshops in May for community members and helping professionals about how to support survivors.


Every day in April we will be posting information about SACHA services and sexual violence as well as ways that folks can support SACHA.

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