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Pillow Talk presented by The AIDS Network June 8th

Pillow Talk presented by The AIDS Network June 8th

Hello Community Member!

The Women & HIV/AIDS Initiative at The AIDS Network is pleased to present “Pillow Talk” on Saturday, June 8th, from 5:30pm until 9:00pm at Allure Fitness (985 King Street West, Hamilton).

This free community education forum is an opportunity to increase HIV/AIDS knowledge & awareness, discuss safer sex practices for women as well as learn gender specific self-care techniques. The event will feature a demonstration by Allure Fitness as well as presentations by Sexologist Dr. Stephen de Wit & Tara McKee, Sex Educator and Therapist. For more information on the presenters be sure to check out their personal websites listed below.

The event will include light refreshments as well as free resources. Transportation and child care subsidy available upon request. Please inform us of any allergies or accessibility needs.

Please note that this event is intended for service providers who work in the women’s sector. The event is also open to women who are at risk of, vulnerable to, or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Please join us for this exciting and educational evening!

For more information, please see the poster attached. Registration deadline is Friday, June 7th.

If you would like to register, have questions about this event, or would like to refer a colleague, please contact Heather Lynds, Women’s Community Development Worker, at or 905-528-0854 ext.245

Kind regards,

Heather Lynds

Allure Fitness

Sexologist Dr. Stephen de Wit

Tara McKee, Sex Educator and Therapist

Op-Ed: HIV Quarantines? They Already Exist |


Op-Ed: HIV Quarantines? They Already Exist |

Sun Media features transsexual Sunshine Girl

Maltepe is the paper’s first known transsexual Sunshine Girl

Sun Media features transsexual Sunshine Girl.

Canadian Blood Services: Now Accepting Donations from (Celibate) Gay Men

1 step forward, 2 steps back?

Elle Beaver


In my senior of high school, I decided to give blood. My uncle was really into it and had some sort of frequent donor punch card, which was pretty cool, and plus it saves lives – so it’d likely be worth a lot of karma. So, I figured, why not? It’s in you to give and I’ve done worse for a free cookie. My first trip to the blood clinic, I started filling out the questionnaire and nearly choked. Men who have sex with other men cannot give blood? I was mortified, because if you’ve ever seen my Judy impression, you’d know I epitomize this category, but at that point, hadn’t come out to my parents — and wasn’t going to let some nurse ruin my big holiday surprise. So, naturally, I bolted like a bat out of hell.

Until yesterday, gay men have been indefinitely forbidden to donate blood…

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Addressing Violence Against Women Living With HIV in Latin America and the Caribbean

Check out this great article!



Addressing Violence Against Women Living With HIV in Latin America and the Caribbean

by Dinys Luciano and Fiona Hale, Freelance Writer and Marijo Vazquez, HIV Consultant

“All the women living with HIV in my organization have been subjected to various forms of violence before and after diagnosis, from sexual violence, psychological, economic to institutional violence.”

This was one testimonial from a consultation conducted by the Athena Network and the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS.

Such testimonies of violence are not isolated.

In Chile, 77 out of 100 women have experienced violence, mostly at the hands of partners, fathers, and to a lesser extent strangers.

In Guatemala, women living with HIV reported that when disclosing their HIV status, they experienced increased violence from their partners, relatives, community members, and service providers.

In Panama, 35 percent of the  82 HIV-positive women involved in a study had been…

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Pillow Talk, Saturday June 8th

Pillow Talk, Saturday June 8th

Check out this exciting and educational event being hosted by the WHAI initiative at Allure Fitness

Check out this fun parody promoting HIV Testing & Condom use

AHF Macklemore Thrift Shop Parody