Canadian Blood Services: Now Accepting Donations from (Celibate) Gay Men

1 step forward, 2 steps back?

Elle Beaver


In my senior of high school, I decided to give blood. My uncle was really into it and had some sort of frequent donor punch card, which was pretty cool, and plus it saves lives – so it’d likely be worth a lot of karma. So, I figured, why not? It’s in you to give and I’ve done worse for a free cookie. My first trip to the blood clinic, I started filling out the questionnaire and nearly choked. Men who have sex with other men cannot give blood? I was mortified, because if you’ve ever seen my Judy impression, you’d know I epitomize this category, but at that point, hadn’t come out to my parents — and wasn’t going to let some nurse ruin my big holiday surprise. So, naturally, I bolted like a bat out of hell.

Until yesterday, gay men have been indefinitely forbidden to donate blood…

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