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Check out the new TBTN t-shirts!

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Announcing the the 2013 TBTN t-shirt!

This year the t-shirts are printed on union made shirts in a union shop by United Food and Commercial Workers Local 175 and United Steel Workers Local 1-500.  Thanks to Cavan for manufacturing and printing our shirts for us!

The shirts will be black with sparkly purple ink and come in both fitted and not fitted styles.

Where can I buy one?
T-shirts will be available at TBTN near the SACHA table.  We’ll also be selling the t-shirts at the SACHA office all summer!  Pop by when SACHA is open to buy your t-shirt!

How much do they cost?
We are selling the shirts are on a sliding scale for $16 for unwaged folks (which is the cost of the t-shirt) and $30 for waged folks.

What do you do with money raised from t-shirt sales?
We rarely make money from selling TBTN t-shirts…

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