Feb 20 Media round-up. Cambridge University staff call for action on academia gender equality.

PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group

Afghan Youth Debates: Women Must Vote to Secure Rights  Institute for War and Peace Reporting  Female voters could only secure real change by confronting societal … “It is women who raise the children of this country, and women form half of …

Gender equity: even sector’s best not good enough Times Higher Education Discrimination against women persists in the UK academy, even in institutions that have been recognised for their good employment practices, …

Gender equality European Voice The European Commission has proposed renewing the mandate of the director of the European Gender Equality Institute, Virginija Langbakk, until …

Cambridge University staff call for action on academia gender equality HRmagazine.co.uk The university’s gender equality champion Dame Athene Donald said female staff members backed the suggestion a male-bias existed in the sector.

NGOs help girls in rural India tackle female illiteracy, gender inequality The National … and cultural norms and antecedents of distinct ethnic and tribal communities and changing deep-rooted attitudes towards education and gender.

Gender inequality isn’t just a female…

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