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SACHA Broadcast – Feminist Links & Hijinks No. 27

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Ear plugs, pens, tea, tissues… These are all products that absolutely need to be gendered, right? (Via

Bonus! Riley taking down companies that market gendered products:


Need a head start on how to ask for consent?  Here’s sixteen ways to talk about consent. (Via Sixteen Secrets):

4. “How does this feel?”
5. “Do you want me to…?”
6. “Do you want to…?”
7. “Is there anything you want to try?”


University of Waterloo student, Amulya Sanagavarapu, is kickstarting some consent themed underwear:consent-panties(Via Thinkprogress)


Former SACHA staff Pauline Kajura on working in feminist agencies and ‘using your power for good’!

Kajiura praises the women at SACHA and their commitment to ending violence against women.

“I am grateful for that amazing experience of applying feminist theory to real life issues. It was difficult but rewarding.”

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World: Women’s rights, gender equality in focus. Women’s rights around the globe: behind the data. Why progress in women’s rights has been compromised.

PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group

More Israeli soldiers reporting sexual harassment Haaretz Rachel Tevet Wiesel, to the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women and Gender Equality, headed by MK Aliza Lavie. Among the incidents, 49 …

Women’s rights around the globe: behind the data The Guardian More than 130 of 143 countries have gender equality laws, 142 grant equal rights for men and women on property ownership and 129 have laws …

Why progress in women’s rights has been compromised The Guardian Many of these newer actors approach women and girls without addressing the root causes of gender inequality – essentially treating as technical, …

About women’s rights and gender equality in focus The Guardian The women’s rights and gender equality in focus section of the Global development website launched in February 2014 to provide a specific focus on …

Bahraini women urged to not set unrealistic conditions Trade Arabia – Labour Ministry Under-Secretary Sabah Al Dossary said one of their biggest challenges was to encourage job-seekers, especially women, to take up …

Istanbul tops gender equality index Hurriyet Daily…

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Growing with Anxiety – A Process of Introspection

Elle Beaver

Trigger Warning: This article deals with intense feelings of depression and thoughts of suicide.

I was twelve and it was the last day of summer vacation. I was lying in my daybed looking across the hallway at my mom – she was peacefully lying in her bed, sleeping, as I should be.

I felt my skin crawl – tiny little tormenting bugs were scurrying under my skin, sending chills up my spine, venturing into the depths of my wellness and content. Nothing was the same after that night. I woke up with uncontrollable thoughts that teased me and told me to do things I could not even fathom. This voice told me that killing myself would be the only thing that could save me from myself – this self that seemed so external but was somehow intertwined and tangled into who I had thought I was… who I knew I…

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#SOCHI2014: Google Doodle Defends LGBTQ Rights

Elle Beaver

The opening ceremonies are a mere 13 hours away – and we’re off! Stay tuned for updates on protests throughout the 2014 Sochi Games.

google doodle protest 2014 sochi olympics

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SACHA Archives

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Recently with painting SACHA, staff women have been cleaning their offices and finding awesome pieces of SACHA herstory.

alert0002alert0003We’re guessing that these flyers are from around 1989 and what amazes me about them is how similar our objectives still are.  Some of the language we use might be a touch different, but SACHA still provides support to survivors of sexual assault and works to end violence.

Do you have any pieces of SACHA herstory in your basement or closets?

— erin

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Exhibit exploring violence against women has resonance in Winnipeg

Global News

WINNIPEG – An anonymous woman stands, topless, with most of her breasts, nose and mouth covered by a large frying pan.

Her eyes are dark saucers that peek out over the shallow pan as her hands tightly grip the long handle.

In the photo, by Japanese artist Yoko Inoue, the frying pan is not a kitchen staple but a weapon against domestic violence, the caption explains.

“In some communities, where direct intervention is culturally impossible, women respond to severe domestic violence by assembling outside the household in question and bang out an alarm on pots and pans. This informs the man that the spirit he attempts to break belongs to many, not one.”

The powerfully simple piece is part of a travelling exhibit titled “Off The Beaten Path,” which is making its last Canadian stop at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, where it runs until April 20. It’s hoped the exhibit featuring the works of artists from around the world will spark a…

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