No Such Thing As A ‘Phony Rape Scare’

SACHA's Blog

Nicole Pietsch is the Coordinator of the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres.

Margaret Wente (Can she consent to sex after drinking?, March 1, 2014) begins and ends her column with the assertion that the real problem concerning sexual violence is a “phony rape scare” that has been “manufacture[d]”.

On the contrary, sexual violence is real, and a too-common reality for women and girls everywhere. Timely instances include local cases such as Doodnaught and Sgt. D. Mellor here in Ontario; campus-situated sexual assaults involving strangers and known-offenders (see Sheridan College, York University, University of Waterloo) also abound in the last year.  Resources such as sexual violence prevention guides for Ontario’s colleges and universities, and funded projects addressing gender-based violence on campus were rolled out in recent years to support campuses in preventing incidences of violence and better supporting victims.

These initiatives originated in response to identified…

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