Women’s History Month in Hamilton with Justseeds Art Collective

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Hamilton has two exciting art exhibitions coming to town for March which is Women’s History Month.

This is an Emergency!
At Homegrown Hamilton, 7 King William Street, Hamilton, Ontario
March 14th – April 10th, 2014; opens at Art Crawl, March 14th, 2014, 7pm. Presented in association with SACHA

TIAE_combined Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative, This is an Emergency! print portfolio

This is an Emergency! is an exhibition of a print portfolio organized by Meredith Stern of Justseeds in 2012 which focuses on reproductive rights and gender justice. In response to all the bullying, legislative measures, and the horrifying statements filling the media against women, 2-LGBTQ, and non-gender conforming folks, the project brings together a collection of voices responding through visual art and interviews. This project brings together the voices of people most affected by these issues– women, queer identified, and transgendered artists.

Celebrate Women’s Herstory
A collaborative…

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