to the official blog for the Women’s Community Development Program at The AIDS Network Serving Hamilton, Halton, Haldimand, Norfolk and Brant

This blog will serve as a forum to keep the community and service providers up to date on the latest initiates and events of the Women’s Community Development Program at The AIDS Network. The content on this blog will also include news relevant to women and their HIV/AIDS related needs.

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As the Women’s Community Development Worker Heather is a member of the Education Team here at The AIDS Network. It is her role to reach out to the community and develop relationships with other service providers with the intention of delivering informative and accessible training on HIV/AIDS. Specifically, Heather’s role is to empower service providers to better understand HIV/AIDS as it relates to the women who access their services.

Heather Lynds; Women's Community Development Worker

Heather Lynds; Women’s Community Development Worker

Complimentary in-service training is available to all service providers within our regions. Do not hesitate to contact Heather to come out to your next staff meeting if you are interested in learning more about The AIDS Network and the services we offer.

In addition to personalized in-house trainings, Heather is also responsible for planning community education forums. These events are  free of charge and are a great  opportunity to better get to know The AIDS Network and the diversity of social & health issues  that are a priority to us and to the communities we serve.



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