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Two years ago in the district of Swat in Northern Pakistan, a Taliban soldier fired three bullets at a teenage girl boarding her school bus.  The assassination on the girl failed (luckily) but sparked an tremendous national outrage that got the attention of Madonna, Angelina Jolie AND Laura Bush all at once.

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The survivor of this unthinkable attack is Malala Yusafzai, a journalist and activist who has dedicated her young life to rallying support for education and for women in Pakistan. She has blogged for the BBC, been filmed by The New Yorker, inspired a whole United Nations petition for women’s education in Pakistan and has received accolades from Harvard, Amnesty International, Clinton Foundation and many, many more. In 2013 alone Yusafzai was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, met Obama and Queen Elizabeth and had a day named after her by the UN, all at the…

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