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National women’s HIV study launched this week!

National women’s HIV study launched this week!

Check out the Canadian HIV Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Cohort Study that The AIDS Network is helping to support.

Positive women interested in participating are welcome to contact;

Jamie Thomas-Pavanel
Ontario Coordinator
416-351-3800 ext:2323

Battling for ladies Along with HIV as well as HELPS

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The 30 for 30 Campaign, spearheaded by the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS (NBLCA), has brought together numerous national and local advocacy and service delivery organizations to focus on the unique needs of women who are affected by HIV and AIDS, especially African-American women and transgender women. Women with rabbit vibrator enter into care later, are less likely to receive anti-retroviral therapy, have twice as many HIV-related illnesses, and a higher mortality rate than HIV-positive men. Moreover, women at risk of or living with HIV are more likely to be living in poverty — 64 percent of women in ongoing HIV care have incomes below $10,000 compared to just 41 percent of men. And, while Black and Latina women make up only 12 percent and 14 percent of the female population in this country, they make up 80 percent of those living with HIV and/or AIDS.

Those involved in…

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Clean, DDF, STD Free Only

It’s essential to examine how we talk about HIV if we are going to understand and prevent it.

My Positive Life

Here’s some food for thought. When you are posting an ad with these tags, you’re not lowering your risk for sexually transmitted infections.

Consider this: Most people who have an STD don’t know it!

Hooking up with someone with HIV can be safe. Condoms are of course the default, much like a seat belt during sex. But did you know that someone who is undetectable and on medication lowers the risk of transmitting the virus by up to 96%. To give you some perspective on what this means one source is quoted with saying that condoms are 98% effective. Ponder that for a moment. Also, referring to yourself as clean (though it seems to be the norm) is largely a ridiculous claim. The only way to know if you are not infected is to get tested for STD’s including HIV regularly if you participate in sex with multiple partners.

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Op-Ed: HIV Quarantines? They Already Exist | Advocate.com


Op-Ed: HIV Quarantines? They Already Exist | Advocate.com

Alicia Keys campaigns to educate women about HIV, leads grant program for community projects

Alicia Keys Alicia Keys campaigns to educate women about HIV, leads grant program for community projects.

wHEALTH Forum Tuesday April 30th

wHEALTH Forum Poster April 2013

Call for Volunteers!

Interested in Volunteering with the Women's program? Don't hesitate ti contact Heather Lynds; Women's Community Development Worker.

Interested in Volunteering with the Women’s program? Don’t hesitate ti contact Heather Lynds; Women’s Community Development Worker.